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Elevate cohesion

Meet Jennifer Gibbs, MHA, FACHE

“Jennifer is a Jewel! She helped grow my company into a functioning multi-million dollar company with 50 employees. With excellent 0-to-10,000-foot view capabilities, skills to maximize staff/management cohesion, and credentials to make anyone proud, Jennifer delivers! If you are looking to build something extraordinary, I would highly recommend her services.”

~Paul Tucker, President & CEO, Turning Point Recovery Center and Turning Point Detox

“Our practice was functioning, but we were all pulling in separate directions. We were barely profitable and had no unified vision. Jennifer Gibbs and Elevate Cohesion helped us establish our core values and, more importantly, gave us a strategy for living by our values. We have been thriving in excellence ever since our work with Elevate Cohesion. “

Mark Gould, PA
Owner of Rehabilitation Partners

“Jennifer Gibbs at Elevate Cohesion has been the exact right person at the right time to help my growing business. Having her proven expertise on my side as I had to make critical decisions was invaluable. She worked with me to create a detailed business plan and budget that helped me understand what financing would be needed and helped me brainstorm sources for that capital. She was able to walk me through so many areas that I vaguely understood, but with her support, I was able to confidently move forward. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

~Rachelle Mechenbier, LPCC Paper Clay Therapy Institute

Benefits of

Working With Elevate Cohesion

Jennifer is the owner and founder of Elevate Cohesion. She is a goal oriented and highly motivated Healthcare Executive with over 15 years of experience in health care management. Jennifer has an impressive history of visionary leadership and is highly respected in our local community for helping organizations innovate, thrive, and grow. She is known for optimizing resources to achieve the core mission, for earning the confidence of key stakeholders, and for establishing a positive and enthusiastic corporate culture.
Jennifer has a proven talent in effectively formulating strategies and action plans to achieve lasting results. Jennifer earned her BS in Management and a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Gerontology. In addition, Jennifer earned the prestigious distinction as a board-certified Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. This credential recognizes healthcare administrators that have realized the highest of standards in professional achievement.

Jennifer’s expertise and passion lies in organizational behavior, communication theories and critical thinking strategies. Through experience, she understands techniques and theories used to supervise employees and enhance corporate communication.
Jennifer stays connected to the community by volunteering with Board service in local non-profits.

Our Core Values

Connectedness. Quality. Balance.


We believe in staying connected to community through:
• Education and Associations
• Service to the community
• Staying up to date on local and national rules and regulations


We create a strong foundation by building and maintaining quality long-term relationships with:

  • Clients
  • Team members
  • Community


We believe to get quality outcomes and organization needs a balance of SMART and HEALTHY.

  • Setting up SMART (strategy, finance, marketing, and technology) Systems


  • Building a HEALTHY Cohesive Team

Organizational Health

Organizational health impacts both people and business performance. Just as your own good health allows you to perform at your best, organizational health is the foundation for high performance. Without the right levels of trust, leadership, climate, and capability it is problematic to ask people to lift their performance.

“The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull
together as a team.”

–  Simon Sinek





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